She’s Amazing (But You Let Her Go)

Whatever you’re searching for
On the world wide web
You know you will never find it
Because you once had it
Not too long ago
It was within your grasp
Held fast in your hands
Beating heart afluttering
Like an elusive, fragile butterfly

You searched and you found her
You were so happy, euphoric
You felt you had arrived at last
Achieved your goals
But, after a while
The feeling passed
How fleeting it was!
Just for one second, it seemed
You had Eternity sorted

She was everything you wanted
She was kindhearted, warm, funny
She was smart, sassy, pretty too
She was amazing
But you got bored, or at least
You convinced yourself of that
So you could search for another
You liked the chase more
Than the catching of your prey

Now you’re lost in a sea of Others
Searching, looking, finding none
But still, trying everyone
And getting disappointed
And disappointing all
So you meet and touch,
Savour the flavour
You think you know this game well
Do you know who’s playing who?

I hope they realise what you are
I hope these ladies know
That they are not the only One
They are not the sole object of
Your affection and emoticons
Or your dripping honeyed sentiments
Maybe they’ve all swallowed
The lies you told them
I hope they have more sense than that

One day, my dear Casanova
You may wake up
And realise, upon looking back
That you had truly loved and lost
Threw away the best
So you could try the rest
And you will think
“She’s Amazing
But I let her go…”


(Poem and digital photography art by AlyZen Moonshadow. All copyrights reserved).

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