Furry Friends Daily Five #4

Here’s a little poem I’ve written about animal friendship and inter-species love.


Hey, friend, I want you to know
Under normal circumstances
We might have never met
…I’m so glad we did
Because now I don’t know
What I’d ever do without you
You’re the biggest part of my Life
And I want to shout that out
Across the fields and savannah
In the forest glades and dales
Over the waves of the ocean
And high in the soaring skies
This Universal Truth
…I Love You

Friend, we may not look alike
We may not be the same
To listen to us, we don’t even
Share the same language
But that matters not one jot
For beneath that skin and sinew
Beneath tooth, nail and claw
Beneath scales and feathers
Beneath our blood and veins
Our hearts are twin engines
Of synchronised beats
With each beat we grow closer
Our language is Universal
Our language is Love

Dear friend, I want you to know
That people may find us strange
And think us peculiar
For wanting to be together
But we have heard the Call
And we are delivering the Message
With great gladness in our Hearts
…I hope their Hearts are listening
As more and more of us
Reach out, embrace the other
Speak only that Universal language
That’s pure, strong and powerful
Friend, friends, we are all the same
…Love is always the answer






(Images: Google)

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