Random Thoughts

Just a motley collection of random thoughts that meandered into my head today:

When Life seems dark and dreary, we should try to emulate the Lotus flower. It starts as a seed from the murky, muddy depths of the pond, never seeing the sunlight. Yet one day it emerges from the mud, whole and beautiful to behold, and triumphant.

My husband never liked my dogs. I still have those dogs.

I firmly believe in the saying “Not my monkeys, not my circus”, when tempted to be drawn into an argument or to get involved in someone else’s problems. The mantra works, even when elephants and tigers are sent in as reinforcements.

How do you tell if a man is lying?
His lips are moving.
(I got this off the internet)

Cycle to train station: 15 minutes
Train into City: 35 minutes
Bus to Dog Refuge: 20 minutes
Time spent at Dog Refuge: 4 hours
Repeat commute in reverse

This “Living In The Now” thing really works. I no longer worry about anything. I take things as they come. I have a plan for the future, but I concentrate on what’s right in front of me now, and trust that it will lead me to that future. So far, so good. I hope I never forget this Life Lesson, or slip up in a moment of Egoism. And if I do slip up, I hope I have the sense to get back to the Present.

I don’t understand why some people are so good at lying that it is second nature to them. What happened in their past that caused them to develop this habit? Or, were they born like that? Is it genetic or hereditary? How can you tell when they’re lying or when they’re speaking the truth? What is even going on inside their heads? The mind boggles.

I always seem predisposed to form strong bonds of friendship with older women, instead of women my own age. I sometimes wonder why this is so. Do I have an old soul? Perhaps. Am I looking for a mother figure? I don’t think so, as these older women have been my friends, confidantes and lunch/dinner/movie/shopping buddies rather than dispensers of wisdom and guidance. Whatever the answer may be, I am definitely blessed to have them in my life.

(Image: Google Images)

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