Can We Pay The Price To Free Humanity?

Recent events in the News have led me to make this observation:

Generally, people do care about other people, but they are more concerned about Money first, and how they are to survive, before thinking about helping their fellow human beings.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Man invented Money, now we are indentured slaves to it. But if Man invented it, then surely Man can get rid of it too. If we want to, that is.

There’s the crux. DO we want to get rid of Money? Or, are we involved so deeply with it, to the point of loving it, that we are unwilling to seek our freedom from it? That we seriously believe that without Money, civilisation will collapse? That without Money, anarchy and chaos will rule?

Are we so unable or reluctant to even contemplate that perhaps NOW is the time to light the fuse to detonate the whole concept of Money, and begin again as free Human Beings, instead?

What if I told you that all our governments had collectively agreed to a moratorium and amnesty on EVERYTHING to do with Money, until the Refugee Crisis is resolved? That there would be no bills to pay, all debts would be wiped clean, everything would be absolutely FREE, and Money would cease to have any exchange value? Would you be more willing to welcome your fellow human beings in need then? Would you open your arms wider, help more, share more?

Would you let your Humanity out of the closet, where it has been hiding?

My Facebook feed is currently raging with a thousand differing opinions about how we should handle the Syrian Refugee crisis. I’ve paraphrased a few of those comments here (the more polite ones):

“Why should we take these foreigners into our country, when we can’t even afford to feed our own homeless?”

“They’ll take our jobs, drain our Social Security.”

“We should help our own first, before helping total strangers.”

“Who’s to say these refugees are not covert terrorists sent to infiltrate our country from within, like a Trojan Horse?”

“Once they get into our country, they’ll use up all our resources, and sponge off Society. Why give them social security benefits that are denied to our own?”

“They’re not real refugees, they’re Economic Refugees. And now, by letting them in, they’re going to threaten our jobs.”

“I want to help them, of course, but how am I to afford the money needed to feed, clothe and house them?”

“Put them into camps, and keep them there! We don’t need them in our streets.”

Are you seeing the same type of reactions on your social media platforms?

I believe these sentiments are expressed out of a sense of Fear. Fear of Change. Fear of the Unknown. Fear of moving out of your Comfort Zone. You’ve lost your Blanky, boo hoo.

Well, guess what? Change is happening, regardless, and it is happening Now. The current Refugee Crisis in Syria and adjoining countries is shaping up to be the biggest mass migration of people since the great Irish Potato Famine emigration, and the Jewish settlement of Israel. This, folks, is a MAJOR CHANGE in the demographics of the world’s population. This is HISTORY in the making.

And yet there are those who cower beneath their duvet covers. Or, perhaps, they think, if they pull the covers completely over themselves, the Change will pass them by, and they will be immune, unaffected, unchanged by it?

Hey, listen up, folks. It’s not a Zombie outbreak, like in The Walking Dead. This is real life, happening near you right now. Maybe in 10 years’ time when they make it into a film, it will come to a theatre near you. But right now, it’s HERE.

So, don’t be afraid. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have enough Money stop you from being charitable in other ways. Mother Teresa had no money, yet look at what she achieved. If she could do it, so can You.

In case you need further prompting, take a look at these quotes that I’ve curated from Google:

















2 thoughts on “Can We Pay The Price To Free Humanity?

  1. Reblogged this on Marcus Ampe's Space and commented:
    In moments of crises people often show their true nature. Today we can hear many voices for and against the people who have abandoned their own regions because of the horror which takes place over there.

    It is interesting to have our ears up in the air and to let our antennas receive the many different voices.

    We only can hope that in the end the warm hearted people shall be able to be stronger than those who have frozen their heart for outsiders.

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