Before You Cast The First Stone…


Just putting this out there, as food for thought. These days, there seems to be so much hatred going on, so much fear of the unknown and of change, so much racism and xenophobia. Why? When it’s all preventable and totally unneccessary.

Take a good, long, hard look at yourself first. Are you loving your neighbour as you love yourself? No? Then perhaps it’s not because of anything your neighbour is or isn’t, represents or doesn’t represent. Perhaps it’s because YOU don’t love yourself.

So, when the World is called upon to help its fellow human beings, or to embrace our many differences instead of challenging them, what do we think?

– that we don’t have enough ourselves, so why should we help strangers?
– that these refugees are threats to our own safety and way of life?
– that each race should stick to their own and help their own kind?
– that those events are happening far away from me, so I don’t have to worry about it?
– that if it doesn’t affect me directly, I can choose to simply ignore it?

This boils down to 2 main components – Money and the Ego. Why do people believe that anything is possible, if only they had more money? Why does Money always have to be a major factor in how we treat our fellow human beings? Why do we measure our intentions and actions against the yardstick of our bank accounts, and not against the yardstick of our Humanity?

And why, when we know that our actions are wrong and may have hurt others, do we insist on defending ourselves? It’s our Ego talking, when we refuse to apologise or acknowledge our mistake. Do you realise just how ridiculous it is, to blindly defend your Ego, when it’s become clear to others that you were wrong?

2 recent examples spring to mind. That of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County clerk who refused to give a homosexual couple a marriage license, even though same-sex marriages are legal in the state. She maintains it goes against her religious faith and belief in “traditional” marriages. Go on, Kim, cast that first stone. You who have been married and divorced several times, you who have had not 1, 2 or even 3, but 4 husbands. Pot calling kettle black? Plus, as a Public Servant, she is obliged to follow the law of the land, not of her faith.

The other example is of the 14-year old Muslim boy, Ahmed Mohamed, who innocently created a clock as a school project. Whose teacher and Principal got trigger happy and promptly called the cops, who arrested the poor boy, on the suspicion that he had brought a ticking time bomb to school, literally. Would this sorry incident have happened if, say, it had been an Oriental teenager who made the clock? Or even a Caucasian, Christian teenager? Or, would they simply have been lauded as geniuses and given medals for Scientific achievement? Just because Ahmed Mohamed is a Muslim, doesn’t automatically make him a terrorist.

Sadly though, these events are not far and few between. They are happening more and more, on a daily basis. People are getting more and more paranoid, xenophobic, homophobic…anything that’s remotely different or upsets the status quo is now seen as a threat to be annihilated. It’s happening on a small scale, and it’s happening on a large scale.

It’s happening everywhere. So, don’t think that you’re safe or far away from it. Yes, these events DO affect you, everything that happens around the world DOES affect you, sooner or later. So, please, take a good look at yourself, before you cast that first stone.

Unless we learn to love ourselves, and each other, and put aside our petty differences, this world is screwed. Wake up, people!

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