Mammatus Clouds

So, The Kid and I are cycling home late one afternoon, and I spot some pretty strange-looking clouds in the sky. This being sunny Perth, Western Australia, the skies are normally clear blue with the occasional wispy white cloud (if you’re lucky). Or, dark grey and low when it’s about to rain, which isn’t all that often, really.

That day had been just an ordinary day, no global catastrophes predicted…no, wait…it WAS the 23rd of September 2015, the day that the Earth was meant to be annihilated by a meteor. Or was that meteors…

Well, there you go. Except that event obviously did not happen.

Anyway, back to those clouds. I pointed them out to The Kid, and told him they were Mammatus Clouds.

“Mama what??” he exclaimed. And his face went red when I told him they were named after mammary glands…as in boobies.

I was able to take a couple of good shots of those Mammatus clouds when I got home, before it got too dark.



Not the best examples, granted, but hey they Were different from the usual suspects.

Here’s a great site showing other versions of Mammatus cloud formations, some quite spectacular.

And some examples I found on Google Images





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