Django is my favourite dog at the Dogs’ Refuge, where I volunteer. Actually, I say that of all the dogs I sit with. I’m not a Dog Walker there, instead I’m a Canine Carer. That means I sit with some of the more easygoing dogs, and those that may be needing company, and those that might need some basic training. It’s great, as I get to know each dog really well and up close and personal. I hope next month to start walking the dogs as well, but I’ll have to wait to get training.

Normally I visit the Refuge on Mondays and Wednesdays. But Monday was a public holiday, the Queen’s Birthday. So I didn’t go in, as public transport would’ve been far and few between. (As it is, I cycle-train-bus it there, and do the reverse coming back). Instead, I went in on Tuesday.

When I got there, I found out that Django was going to his furever home today. I decided to sit with him first thing, before the Refuge even opened to the public at 11am. I normally sit with Django 3 times during my visits to the Refuge – he’s the first dog I see, then I like having my lunch on the bench outside his enclosure, and I like to see him last thing before I leave.

This time, though, we only got to spend half an hour together one last time. Django gave me his usual huge big teddy bear hugs upon seeing me, and then we got down to our usual routine of practising the tricks I’d taught him. He knows a lot of tricks, does Django: sit, give paw, lie down, roll over, wait, sit up, stand. I gave him some special treats, then decided to make a video of him, as a keepsake.

I did 2 videos of Django. Then I gave him a big hug and said I’d catch him before he went to his new home.

Sadly, I missed seeing Django’s new owners arrive to collect him. I did pass by his enclosure a couple of times, and both times I stopped to give him a scratch on the head. When I went back to check on him at my lunchtime, though, Django had already been collected, and his enclosure had already been cleared out. πŸ˜₯

Yes, I’m heartbroken. But I also feel privileged and blessed to have known and loved Django for the time we had. I hope he’s happy with his new family, that they find out just how super smart he is, and that he never forgets me.

I tried loading the videos of Django here, but they were taking forever and then kept stalling, then restarting…so no videos, sorry. But here are some photos of Django instead.







P/S: on this same day I also managed to save a bee and a ladybird from 2 different enclosures. They were in danger of being trodden on by the dogs.

7 thoughts on “Django

      1. Sorry for your loss (((HUGS))). I’ve lost dogs too in the past. And I say after each time, No More! But then after a period of grieving, a little furball shows up and voila! A new 4-legged love. Some people call it “Continuity”, and it also applies to when you have 2 dogs of different ages, and when one dies, you feel compelled to get another one so the remaining dog doesn’t get depressed and lonely.

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