The Unsung Hero

Nikola Tesla had vision. No, Nikola Tesla had VISION. He envisioned a world where energy was freely available. He imagined (and created) inventions that would help the world run more efficiently, without harmful emissions, without depleting the Earth’s resources. He imagined a world with Clean, Renewable and Free energy.

And guess what, the World shut him down. Some scientists stole Tesla’s ideas and claimed credit for them. Edison (Ahem!!), Marconi (Ahem!!). What Tesla was proposing would free Society from becoming slaves to Money. Whoa!! We can’t have that, can we? So, the greedy, grasping, profiteering megalomaniacs that are the world’s “leaders” in industry, engineering, manufacturing, science and government colluded and decided to wipe Tesla off the face of the Earth. Why? Self-preservation, of course. Profits before People. Must Make Money. Why let Society have something for free, when you can control its production (by either withholding information, making the thing illegal, or deliberately mis-informing and mis-educating the public), so you can then sell it and make lots of money?

Tesla died a pauper, unnoticed, unfeted. His ideas got locked away in secret archives (too dangerous for Society’s own good??), his Science was quietly removed from school textbooks, his name all but forgotten. Everyone has heard about and studied the work of Thomas Edison…but hardly anyone knows who Nikola Tesla was.

Until recently, that is. Nikola Tesla has risen from the grave. Or rather, his spirit has touched the lives of many people who, outraged at how the World mistreated perhaps the single most intelligent and innovative scientist ever, decided to revive the memory of Tesla, and bring Tesla back to the forefront of Society’s attention. And so, once again, Tesla is becoming known now to a whole new generation of human beings, who, we can only hope, will be inspired and motivated by his work, to pick up right where Tesla left off, and continue making giant leaps in Science.

The Truth will always come out.

Here’s a 15 minute short film I found on YouTube, which encapsulates the life and times of Nikola Tesla. Under the YouTube video, there’s a long list of other videos about Tesla, that you may want to watch too. The mind boggles at how such a Big Thing like Tesla’s theories and inventions could simply get buried under a ton of capitalist shit. Excuse my language.

I believe Tesla was way ahead of his time, by centuries even…as was my other favourite scientist, Leonardo da Vinci. Yes, I said Scientist. Da Vinci too was a true Visionary, and foresaw inventions centuries ahead of his time (we’re talking helicopters and spectacles in the 15th century). If Da Vinci had had the materials and if the technology of his day had supported his ideas, no doubt he would have moved Society forward by leaps and bounds. But alas, it was not to be.

This site describes 10 of Tesla’s inventions. Some were credited to other scientists, but generally known to have originated from Tesla. Makes for an interesting read.

Another interesting website about Tesla’s work.

This site describes in detail some of Tesla’s “Lost” inventions. It’s written from a scientific point of view, and will appeal to tech boffins reading this post.




(Images sourced from Google)

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