Advice for my Sisters

The heart is a fickle organ
That goes against the beat
It longs to find that special person
With whom things will be sweet
And awesome
And cool
And hot at the same time

The heart has no ears but it can hear
The faintest footstep or tremor
It yearns to hear the magic words
“I will love You forever,
You are the Only One
The Love of my Life
There is no one else”

Which is all very well indeed
If only those words were true
My Sisters of the World, beware
The Charmer who says it to you
If his words are like silk
Or gold or honey
Oh honey, he doesn’t mean them

He’s toying with your hearts, you see
You’re Not the Only One
You’ve been charmed out of the trees
So He can have his fun
With you, and you,
And you, and you,
And you, and you and you.

He’ll tell you what you want to hear
And you’ll believe it too
His previous loves hurt him so bad
His ex is a piece of poo
Or crazy, or nuts
Or just vindictive
…everything but Right about him

Hearts can be broken by love or pain
And Charmers know how to play
The Chase and Game are exciting
But Sisters, at the end of the day
The only victor is him, not you
The minute you find out the truth
He’s moved on to the next One

And then you simply stand and stare
With disbelief as he plays the field
With your friends, your Sisters
Who lowered their shield
When they heard the cock crow
And thought it magnificent
Until they saw…it’s just a lark

So, my dear Sisters of the World
Who may share my pain
Or maybe you believe you’re The One
And that I am insane
The day will come
The scales will fall
And you will truly see

For if he can cheat on me with you
Trust me, he’ll cheat on you
Don’t fall for the silky voiced Charmer
If you really want a man who’s true
Is it a mid-life crisis, you wonder
Well, if it is, my dear
It’s the longest mid-life ever

(Found this on Google Images, under “Beware the Charmer”)

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