DOORS : Prelude

I love doors. I’m not sure why, but doors hold a fascination for me. Maybe it’s the idea that doors are a portal to somewhere mysterious, that opening a door and stepping through a doorway are symbolic of changes in your life. Sci-Fi films tend to feature doors that stand alone in the middle of nowhere, and when you step through them, you disappear from one reality and reappear in another. I love that idea.

As a Doctor Who fan, I adore the idea of the Tardis. From the outside, it’s just a blue Police Box. But open the door and et voila! It really is (altogether now, boys and girls), bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

So, I’m starting a Series on Doors. Every now and then, you’ll see me post up images of doors that I’ve curated from Pinterest. I’ve decided to categorise my doors, so each time I post about doors, it will be about a specific aspect of those doors. I have started a Pinterest Board on Doors, simply titled errr…Doors. 😄

Today, feast your eyes on this little beauty. This door is so quirky it’s almost futuristic and worthy of a Doctor Who episode. Maybe Missy will pop out from within, with her demented Mary Poppins grin. I wish!


Time for a selfie, perhaps? Missy with the Doctor.

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