Why Dogs are better than Humans

The more I work with dogs, the more I realise how each and every one of them is a person with four legs and a tail who just happens to be wearing a fur coat. I can’t say that little dogs have less personality than big dogs; some of them are the most charming and outgoing ones. There are dogs that love to clown around, some are obsessed with fetching things, others like their squeaky toys, some just like to laze around snoozing all day, some will even lie in a paddling pool to cool down on a hot day. There are serious dogs, timid dogs, sweet and affectionate dogs, pretty dogs, clumsy dogs, exuberant dogs, smart dogs, not so smart dogs. Rather like people, really.


I love dogs and I really admire their propensity to love a human being, even if in the past they may have been abandoned, surrendered, mistreated, neglected, used as a puppy mill etc. Their resilience and ability to spring back from the brink is awe-inspiring. The most abused, neglected and mistreated dog can, with a lot of time, patience, calm training and love, return to a sense of normalcy and forgive human beings for their past trespasses.

A dog will love you unconditionally. That has been said a billion times, and it’s absolutely true. A dog will stay true to you, stand by your side, protect and defend you, exactly what you’d expect friends to do for one another.

A dog may get vocal when it sees you playing with the dog next door. You’re meant to be His/Hers, what are you doing with the mutt next door? The dog may show its displeasure by barking and growling, and making you feel uncomfortable. And yet, when you return to that dog and resume your affections, it forgives you immediately and returns to being the loveable being it is.


Humans aren’t as transparent though. That’s because we have Egos that need stroking, and we also like good gossip and scandals. The more fantastical the story, the better. So, when it comes to relationship breakdowns, when there are mutual friends involved, rather than choose to take sides and lend their support to their chosen side, humans like to pretend to be friends with both parties, and even act as spies for one party against the other. Rather than getting their facts straight from the horse’s mouth, they instead prefer to hear it from the party they have the most interaction with, more often than not the charming one with the voice of gold, who of course will convince them that the other party is mad. It makes for better gossip, you see. Oh, the games people play!

I say to anyone who’s caught in the middle in a situation like this – before you start playing mind games and spy games, get your facts right, listen to BOTH sides of the story first. Don’t just assume you know the full story, because you don’t if you’ve only heard one side. Otherwise, you just might find that you’ve been backing the wrong horse.

And this is why I prefer animals over people. Animals will let you know the truth each and every time. Humans can be such manipulative liars and cheats. With animals, what you see is what you get. With humans, it’s The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

So the next time someone calls you a b%÷×h, thank them sweetly and move on. Because b%÷×hes are dogs, and dogs are better friends and people than human beings.


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