New Artwork – when needs must.

Now the weather is warming up rapidly in this part of the world, it’s getting too warm to wear my hoodie with the Dogs’ Refuge logo on it a.k.a my unofficial “uniform”. (Sorry, you poor folks up in the Northern Hemisphere who are entering your cold winter months).

I was looking for a t-shirt that said “Volunteer” at the back, but the Refuge’s shop had no stock. I then looked for a standard t-shirt with the Refuge logo on it, and in my size, but their stock was very low, and they said it could be months before new stock arrived. I really wanted to look the part, and have something to wear that said I belonged to the organisation. In the end, I bought the only thing they had available in a nice, roomy XL…only it was in a bright pink, not really my colour. SIGH. First World problems πŸ˜„.

So, what’s a girl to do, when faced with a fashion faux-pas situation like this?

Well, as a digital mobile photography artist, a girl doesn’t just make do. A girl makes. I decided to design my own t-shirts. The Kid and I are about the same size, so I’ve ordered the t-shirts in a unisex style, and in a 2XL, which, hopefully won’t be too large for me. We can share them as our Christmas presents.

Here’s what I came up with:

I created this with the Dogs’ Refuge in mind. The clipart came from the App PicsArt.

Here’s my very own pit bull, Shelagh, as the model for this design. Isn’t she just adore-a-bull? ❀❀❀

Not to ourdone, I used my lotsabitsa Scruffy, as the model for this design. He’s hard to take photos of, as he moves about too quickly. But I managed to get this great shot of him.

And lastly, this, because it’s rapidly becoming my motto these days. I wanted it to look bright and vibrant, yet messy and incomplete. Yeah, whatever. πŸ˜‰

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