I haven’t written in a while…

Dear Younger Self,

I haven’t written in a while
I know I really should
My life has been a-changing
Just as I knew it would

I’ve come a long way from that time
When work was all I knew
And Life was all for paying bills
And looking after You

There’s more to Life than this, I thought
Than working like a slave
Where everything costs money
And it’s impossible to save

Until the penny dropped one day
I ploughed the same old furrow
And then the thought did come to me
To stop living for tomorrow

Fell off the rails I did, you see
When offspring did appear
The race was there, but not the rat
– I suspended my career

I’ve spent the last decade or so
A-wandering on my own
There are no roads, no paths to take
No places I have known

One day I came upon a track
And wondered at its presence
Was there someone else like me out there
Or was it my own essence?

Had I been wandering round in circles
And come across my past?
If so it’s time to make new tracks
And get out of there fast

So, having lost and found myself
I see the World with new eyes
For Change to happen, You have to change
That’s what you have to realise

Dear Younger Self, I know I haven’t
Written in a while
I’ve laid the path before you now
So, step out with a smile

Be not afraid of things unknown
Be brave, be bold, be wise
And speak of things you know are true
Expose Society’s lies

There’s more to Life than paying bills
And saving for the future
Enough of following like a sheep
Now You must be the teacher

Poem and artwork by:
AlyZen Moonshadow (moi!)

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