Standing Out From The Crowd

So many of us have been damaged by what the Media puts out. Day after day, relentlessly, we are bombarded subliminally (and not so subtly) by advertisements that try to persuade us that we need this product, that dress, those shoes, this watch, that mobile phone, those adventure holidays, etc etc etc to be Happy.

Find the right Man! Find the right Woman! We’re told that in order to be happy, we must go dating, we must find our Life Partner, we must play Happy Families and bear children. Anyone caught not playing this grand game is labelled an outcast. Everyone who follows all the rules blindly is praised. Those that belong ostracise, criticise, look down upon those that don’t belong. Does that sound familiar to you? It’s Bullying, for want of a better word.

Well, it’s time some of us took a stand. There are people who don’t fit any one stereotype. Who don’t fall into a neat category. Who keep changing and evolving and defying any attempt to pigeonhole them. People who fly in the face of tradition, who blaze their own trails, who do their own thing.

And who are proudly Happy with themselves.

I am one of these people. I’ve fallen so far off the railtracks that I’m my own caravanserai, in a world both foreign and familiar at the same time. I have no guides, no elders whose paths to follow, no single bright star in the night sky. I navigate by moonlight and womanly intuition. (Okay, and by Google as well 😄). I explore any and all vistas that interest me. I wander, but I am not lost.

And I am not the only one on this Journey. There are millions of us out there, quietly seeking our own Enlightenment in our own way.

Society should learn to leave people like us alone. Instead of expecting us to conform, fit in, fall in with the rest of them, they should respect us and acknowledge that each and every one of us here on Earth is a unique individual being, who should be allowed to freely express themselves in the way they want to.

Is Society so afraid of Anarchy? Does Society tremble at the thought of the exercise of free will and free thought? Is that why schools these days don’t teach students to think for themselves, but rather try to get them to all learn the same thing the same way?

(Image source: Google Images)

As human beings, we have been evolving for a very, very long time. Now that we’ve reached the stage where technology has accelerated beyond the speed of light to become our new God, is it any scarier to consider that perhaps our brains are catching up? It’s not all about computers and gadgets, parties and raves, let’s all sing the same song, Kumbaya, though…some of us still have the ability to read a real book, formulate original thoughts, to be different, to stand out from the crowd.

How long that will last is the big question. Will Technology brainwash us all into mindless sheeple, to the glee of the Masters in the upper echelons of the Elite? Is it easier to just give up and conform, like a Stepford Wife? Or, to be quietly rebellious, like Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale?

If I stand in the middle of the desert and shout out what I know, will my words be carried by the winds to the ears of those who would hear? Or will they simply fall upon the sand, to be covered over by time?

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