I had a dream…

I had a dream
I was on a mission
With some people I knew
But I only knew them in my dream
We were to travel on a train
But I got there late
And the train was pulling away
With my friends on it
Someone said there’ll be another
Along very soon
So I waited on the platform
With some random strangers
Making idle chat

Sure enough
The next train turned up
It was an old-fashioned steam engine
Like the Hogwarts trains
From the Harry Potter movies
This had individual compartments
And handsome interiors
Plush and velvety
I got on with my new friends
And found a seat
I hoped my friends in the first train
Would know to wait for me
At our designated meeting point

Then the door to my cabin opened
And a handsome face appeared
A blast from the past for sure
It was someone I’d lost
In a relationship
It was my husband
Who’d gone his own way
To search for himself
And left me for someone else
Had his cakes
And ate them too
He saw me, came over
Grasped my hand, hugged me to him

I said “I’ve missed you terribly”
And he said the same back to me
It felt so good to be reunited…
Only, this Wasn’t my husband
This clearly was someone else
But it felt so real, so familiar
This handsome face
This beautiful man
This man was a god
This man was… Rick Grimes
From The Walking Dead
Well, it was only a dream

I can dream, can’t I? 😉

Poem by:
AlyZen Moonshadow

Image source: Google Images

3 thoughts on “I had a dream…

    1. I was kinda hoping it would be Bradley Cooper, but Andrew Lincoln is just as good. I had a crush on him when I first saw him in “Love Actually”, what a heartthrob! 😄 Bradley Cooper has the bluest, most beautiful eyes SWOON…

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