The purpose of Life is to be Happy.
Those who commit crimes against Humanity are clearly not happy. What is it that makes them unhappy? Could it be that they are misled into believing in something that is Evil? Or is it down to misinterpretation of the Holy Word? Or is it a case of the blind leading the blind? Or could it be that the only choices available to these terrorists are to join the indoctrinated, flee the country, or die?

Don’t tell me they don’t have a choice. There’s ALWAYS a choice. And the choice should always be for the greater good of all, NEVER for the destruction of life, property or the environment.

How can we continue to live in a world like this, where such atrocities happen with increasing frequency? How is it possible that such terrorist cells continue to flourish and even infiltrate our countries from within, and our governments are seemingly helpless to stop or eradicate them? Are these terrorists so powerful and elusive that the world’s elite armed forces are ineffective against them? Or, more frighteningly, are these acts actually condoned or even ordered by some governments, in order to instigate fear and hatred amongst its own populace, to divert the world’s attention to some more consequential events surreptitiously going on in the background? Like a smokescreen or a red herring?

Whatever conspiracy theorists may think, (and I am most definitely not one, as I know very little of such theories), the more important question we need to ask ourselves is WHY these incidents happened when they did. I cannot even begin to speculate or contemplate how human beings can be motivated to perform such acts of pure evil, of their own accord.

Why kill innocent people?
Why incite hatred against others?
Why commit such hate crimes?
Why force or indoctrinate others to follow this path of self-destruction?
Why Hate, not Love?
Why Destroy, not Build?
Why practice intolerance instead of acceptance and co-operation?
Why do what is so clearly wrong?
Why behave worse than animals?
Why commit these crimes in the name of a religion that professes peace, isn’t that utterly contradictory?

#ParisAttacks #PrayersForParis
13 November 2015


As once again the world reels from these incredibly sad scenes of death and carnage, wrought by those known by now as “the usual suspects”, one good thing has emerged. Sparks of Humanity are reasserting themselves across the world, in an attempt at solidarity and in the true spirit of Love Thy Neighbour. As the Eiffel Tower goes dark to mourn the dead, many countries around the world have begun lighting up their famous landmarks with the French Tricolore of red, white and blue.






And yet again I ask this question, as I do in the aftermath of such tragic events: WHY? Why does it take the loss of lives to bring people together in a show of solidarity? Why can’t we instead just be nice to each other all the time, to watch out for each other, care and love each other? Why do we always seem to need to be shaken to the core in order to wake up and come to our senses?

If the world’s powers truly cannot stop terrorism from happening, then there’s only one alternative left. And that is to implant each and everyone of us human beings with a microchip in our brains that inhibits violent behaviour and thoughts. Yes, think dystopian movies like “The Minority Report”, “Equilibrium”, “The Giver” etc.

That day may come sooner rather than later, mark my words.

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