Blind Man’s Bluff

Let’s play a game.
Suppose I blindfold you all
So you see nothing
And I put earplugs in your ears
So you hear nothing
I put duct tape over your mouths
So you can’t speak
Then I spin you round and round
Til you get dizzy and disoriented

The objective of The Game:
You must hit someone
While blindfolded and deaf
And unable to speak
The winner is the person
Who scores the most hits
And the last one to remain standing
Are you ready? Steady?
Let the game begin!

Who hit you? Do you know?
Can you tell who it was?
How can you tell, if you’re blind,
How, if you’re deaf and mute too?
Who hit first? Or was that retaliation?
Was it action or reaction?
Are you giving more or
Are you receiving more?
Don’t worry, I’m keeping count!
I know the score! Just keep playing!
Round and round you go now
Who was that? Who slapped you?
Who tapped you on the shoulder?
Who tripped you up?
Who dealt the first blow?
Who will deal the last blow?

How long have we been playing
This strange and silly game?
Exactly why are we even playing
This strange and silly game?

Only, it’s not a game, is it,
When there are lives at stake
You may stop now
Remove your blindfolds
Remove your earplugs
Remove your mouth gags
Now look at me

Yes, look at me
Because while you were playing
This outrageous game
While you Thought you were playing
This outrageous game
You didn’t deal the first blow
Or the last one either
No, none of you did
Rather, it was me
Yes, I was the one who started it
And then danced around
Hitting you all at random
And making you believe
It was the other person
When all along it was me
I am the Game Master

(I was inspired to write this “poem parable” after watching a shared video on Facebook, which showed civilians in Syria during an American-led war strike. The thought came to me then, that these people probably did not understand why America would want to destroy them. And then they would get upset and seek revenge, not knowing for sure whether the airstrike was a reaction to a recent terrorist attack on Europe by the IS, or whether the Americans were being proactive rather than reactive. Who cast the first stone? Does anyone even remember now? I don’t recall there EVER being a Worldwide Peace, in the whole sorry history of humankind. We are such savages, it would appear).


(Image source: Google Images)

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