Quotes about Inclusion

Following on from my post yesterday on the subject of Inclusion, I found so many inspirational quotes on that subject that I just have to share them with you.

Inclusion is a very positive thing, the antithesis of a “Me versus You” mentality. It puts us in the shoes of the other person, and makes us see the way things are out of someone else’s eyes. We would do well to not assume that everyone experiences things the same way we do – how can they possibly? Or that everyone feels/believes/knows/does things identically to us. Quite the opposite! Inclusion means we step out of our egos and take into account someone else’s reality, and try to understand them, as they try to understand us. By exchanging information about ourselves, experiencing each other’s culture and traditions, trying foods from different countries around the world, learning about each other’s religions without prejudice, we learn more about our own humanity.

The concept of Inclusion should be taught to all children from a very young age, to teachers, to staff at work training workshops, to managers, to employers. It should go hand in hand with the idea of embracing Diversity. Diversity in the kindergarten, in schools, in the workplace, in Sports, everywhere where people gather, even and especially in houses of worship. Instead of being afraid of our differences, why not embrace and celebrate them together? Life IS good if you make it so!

Anyway, here are some quotes on Inclusion that I found on my perambulations on Google Images.









3 thoughts on “Quotes about Inclusion

    1. Hello Ngobesing, thank you for your input. Like many people today, I’m trying my best to understand why humans behave in negative ways, and to find ways to overcome that so we can all live in peace with each other. Someone said it’s impossible to fully understand another culture…that is correct, but I believe there is also no need to “fully understand” anyone else, there is rather the need to acknowledge and accept the validity of others. We are all different, yet the same. So, don’t deny, embrace.

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