Dawn Chorus

I’m really tired during the Summer months, here in Western Australia. I blame the birds, yes I do. One bird in particular. I’ve never seen it, but I hear it alright. Oh, do I hear it!!

It must have its roost or nest up in the big tree just outside our front wall. When Summer swings round, this bloody thing starts its infernal singing earlier and earlier, beating even the Sun’s arrival. Yes, it sings and sings and sings…from about 0345 in the morning.

When my ex and I were still sharing our bed (we’re talking more than 2 years ago now), I used to have ear plugs in every single night, if I wanted to get any sleep. More often than not, his snoring would penetrate through my ear plugs. Heck, it even penetrated through a pillow held over my ears AND my earplugs. I was resigned to wearing ear plugs at night for the rest of my life…then his infidelity and the aftermath of my many other discoveries and confrontations led to him moving into his music studio, and I was able to reclaim my freedom, personal space and restful nights of sleep.

I’m so used to not needing ear plugs these days. And now this. Bloody bird!! To add insult to injury, this pest will sing and sing, and slowly but surely, other birds will add to it, and pretty soon there’s a raucous Question & Answer session going on, like a heated debate in the Houses of Parliament.

But damned if I’m going to go back to wearing ear plugs!!

It all stops and goes quiet suddenly at 0500. Right smart, like a military drill. I guess by that time the whole neighbourhood has been woken up, and the birds, feeling like a good job done, fly off for the day.

Yay, you think. I can go back to sleep now. Not so…because at 0530 I’ve to be up anyway, to open and close the gate when the ex leaves to go to work. Yes, he’s back living under the same roof as me, but pretty much doing his own thing. His work away from home has dried up, so now he’s working locally and coming home every evening. Until he gets another job that takes him away for weeks at a time, hopefully in the new year.

Then there’s the palaver of waking The Kid up and making sure he doesn’t take forever to get ready for school. He’s the only person I know who can change into a pair of shorts and a shirt, and put on socks and shoes in 30. Minutes, not seconds. I don’t know why it takes him so long…in that time I’ve already fed the cat, the hens, Japanese quail, budgies, weiros, Koi fish, tropical fish and the 2 dogs.

So yeah, these days I feel like a mother with a newborn baby. When I’m tired and hankering after an afternoon nap, who should arrive at the gate but the ex or The Kid, home from school. If The Kid has homework or revision to do, I’m obliged to help him, of course. If I try for a nap after that, the dog and her internal clock starts nagging me to go swimming. Then there’s the whole dinner scenario, followed by some TV, reading then bed…generally by 2200. I hope for a good night’s sleep, to fully recharge my batteries.

But the only battery that gets fully recharged is the one in my mobile phone.

Dawn chorus: Hello, is it me you’re looking for? πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ˜„


(I found this on Pinterest while searching for a suitable picture or quote to accompany this post. It’s Swedish).

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