You’re never too old to learn new tricks

Those of you who know me know that I’m currently studying online with Open Colleges Australia for a Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. I was meant to start Work Placement at a vet clinic, as part of the requurements of the course…after applying to over a dozen places, I thought I’d secured a place. I even helped out at that clinic twice, and had completed all the paperwork and sent them to Open Colleges to formalise between themselves. And then it all fell through. The vet clinic decided it didn’t have enough business to justify taking on another Work Placement student…even though this was essentially Free labour we’re talking about. Did I mention Free? Yes, Free labour.

And so, now that I’ve exhausted all avenues trying to get a Work Placement, in a field that’s over saturated already with students clamouring for places, I’ve got Open Colleges trying to assist me. But so far, apart from ringing up the vets I’d already contacted, and confirming what I’d already said were the results, there’s been no further movement.

I’m a bit miffed, to be sure, about having to keep paying for this course, for doing nothing. Yup, I’m paying $79 by direct debit every week, for twiddling my thumbs. They won’t even release the academic reading material to me while waiting to sort out my Work Placement.

So…what should I do while waiting indefinitely for something to happen? I know! I’ll find another course to do. I could even finish this other course before Open Colleges secure me a work placement. Or, if by some miracle they DO find me a work placement, I could do both courses concurrently.

I did some research online and, after discounting some courses that only offered a certificate but seemed to me to be just money-spinners, on account of the same course being offered by several different providers at wildly diverse prices, ranging from AU$400 through to AU$850, I stumbled upon the ISCP.

The ISCP stands for The International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour. It was established several years ago by a very lovely lady named Lisa Tenzin-Dolma. There are several courses offered by the ISCP, the highest being a Diploma in Canine Psychology. Graduates can style themselves as Dog Behaviourists and carry the title ”   ” after their names. Do check out the ISCP’s courses, if you are interested. The Diploma is recognised globally, by the way.

So, that’s the score for now. I’ve just begun reading Lisa’s coursebook, which has written assignments. In my next few posts I’ll share with you parts of my first written assignment. Essentially, it’s semi-autobiographical, concentrating on my experience with dogs I have had in the past, and their impact on my relationship with them now.


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