Let There Be Peace On Earth

Most of us by now must be well and truly sick of all the violence that just keeps happening in this world we live in. We seem to have had more years of war than years of peace. Peace, apparently, is a fleeting concept, an event that pops up every now and again unnanounced and unnoticed, before the next conflict/act of terrorism/hostage situation/massacre/mass shooting turns up as front page news.

Right now, I’m sure you’re all trying to get your head round the most recent act of terrorism, that of the San Bernadino, California shootings. And just a few days before that, a mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood centre. Both in America. I’m struggling to understand why America’s gun laws have not been repealed yet. It’s not the 1st time these massacres have happened. We all know it isn’t.

Why can’t our News be full of joyful stories instead? News of births, celebrations, successes, shared with the world to promote that feeling of gratitude and zest for Life, that thankfulness for each and every sunrise and sunset, spectacular or not. News of people all around the world working together in co-operation and mutual respect for each other’s similarities and differences. Building bridges, not blowing them up. Building schools, not shooting pupils and teachers down. Celebrating each other’s different cultures, not denigrating them or viewing them with suspicion and distrust.

When did we become so inured to violence, that it’s become part and parcel of Life as we know it? Shouldn’t Life be filled instead with happiness, love, joy, laughter? Isn’t that what Life is really about?

Isn’t it time we all took a step back and had a long, hard look at ourselves? Where did we go wrong? What can we do to change things for the better? Can we educate our children to become peaceful citizens of the world?

Or must we lose them to the delirious dreams of radicalized fanatics? Or allow them to wander vast shopping malls filled with other sheeple, engaging in the brainless and ultimately futile search for happiness in Stuff?

I know I’ve written about these things before, and I’ll make no excuse for writing about them again and again. Change will never happen if no one bothers to do something about it. We have been brought up in a Society that practices complacency, that worships Money and Material Goods, that defines Success as how much you earn each year or how many houses you own. We have, in truth, been brought to believe in a Great Big Lie.

The Truth is much, much simpler. Learn to love yourself and the people around you. Practice Compassion. Be Kind. Have Empathy. Be Generous with your time and energy. Be Courteous. Respect your elders. Work together co-operatively, not competitively. Celebrate diversity. Practice Inclusion. Everyone counts. Every life is precious. Love your children. Love your parents. Love all animals. Help save the Environment. Be Creative. Invent things that will help the world. Be Selfless. Lose your Ego. Violence is never the answer. Make Peace, not War. Life is precious.

(Graphic by AlyZen Moonshadow. Feel free to share with everyone!)

2 thoughts on “Let There Be Peace On Earth

  1. Beautiful image AlyZen! I needed to see that today… xoxo The world is going crazy it seems, and yes, it’s getting to be a bit much, to say the least.

    I know of a wonderful site that only posts positive news story – a miracle, indeed!! It was created by Ashton Kutcher, and it’s wonderful: http://aplus.com

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