Imagine a circle
A circle of friends
And in this circle
We’re all holding hands

If we’re all holding hands
We’re not holding guns
We’re shaping a future
For our daughters and sons

A future that only
A few might foresee
Where we all work as One
Not as They, You or Me

Imagine this circle
Going round the whole world
Hands clasping hands
Hold after hold

Look at your neighbour
Look at your friend
We are as many as
The grains of sand

We may be different
But there is no shame
For beneath our colours
Our blood’s all the same

So widen that circle
Pull everyone in
For Humanity’s future lies
Hidden within

So let us begin.

AlyZen Moonshadow
(Image found on Pinterest)

(Poem inspired in part by Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculpture “Vicissitudes” in Grenada, West Indies

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