Christmas Future

Forget the presents. Forget the partying. Forget the holidays. Forget the rushing around buying things that people don’t really need. Forget pretending to be nice to your office co-worker because they happen to be your “Secret Santa” this year.

That’s how many of us celebrate Christmas. It’s not called the “Silly Season” for no reason. There are still people who hold fast to the true spirit of Christmas and what it symbolises. I respect their beliefs and traditions, just as I respect other religions and faiths. But, for every 1 who is a true believer of Christ, there are 5 who observe Christmas as just another excuse to practice wanton excess and waste. No, that doesn’t sound right. Make it 10 who celebrate Christmas as yet another Retail Capitalist’s Dream.

The Urge To Splurge seems to be a backward-creeping contagion. By this I mean that in many Western countries with each passing year, for any major celebration that garners consumer interest, i.e Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc, the food, decorations and gift ideas seem to appear on the shelves earlier and earlier.

For example, at my local shopping mall, hardly has Easter gone that Halloween items begin to appear. There always seems to be a rush with Halloween, as retailers need to move stuff off their shelves fast, in order to make way for Chistmas items. In November, mind you.

Christmas, for some, is just a long 7 day blur of partying and boozing. Again, not quite in the spirit of things. Spirits, yes, to be sure. Just not the right kind. And then suddenly on the 2nd of January, in a brand spanking New Year, everything not sold from Christmas is half-price or even less. Wandering along the aisles picking up cheap Christmas pudding and cake for storing in the pantry, what does one spy in the bakery section?

Hot cross buns. And in the confectionery aisle…chocolate Easter Bunnies.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

(Bah, humbug??) 😄

Here’s how I propose we all spread our Christmas cheer. In fact, why leave it at just Christmas? Why not make the following your everyday, anytime of the year philosophy?

1. Be kind to others. It costs nothing and can mean everything to someone. You can always be kind, even to your enemies.

2. Be generous. If you can’t be generous with your money, be generous with your time. Your time means more to others than any material gifts you could ever buy.

3. Be inclusive. Have a thought for the less fortunate, and try to understand what they must be going through. If you can’t understand, then emphatise. Embrace your differences, don’t deny or try to suppress or oppress them.

4. If you can help in any way, do so. If you can share a skill, do so. If you can lend a hand, do so. If you can sponsor a cause or a person or animal, do so.

5. Volunteer at human and animal shelters, soup kitchens, charity and thrift stores. You will meet the most wonderful and kindhearted people there.

The Golden Rule of all this is:

Do not go into this expecting anything in return, as that goes against the whole principle of the idea. Expecting to be rewarded is a fault of the Ego, and nothing good will come of it. Be aware that you WILL be rewarded richly in many other ways, ways you may not have even considered.


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