The True Spirit of the Season

Christianity teaches that the true spirit of Christmas is Love. I have no problem with that at all. I wish more people would embrace that and teach it to their children, friends and family. It’s really easy to teach Love. You do it by demonstrating it in so many different ways – a kind gesture, praise for a small child, generosity, stopping with a homeless beggar for a friendly chat, volunteering at a soup kitchen, paying it forward by buying coffee/pizza/a meal etc for the next customer, giving random gifts to random people, abandoning art in public places for people to find, giving free hugs, I’m sure you can think of many, many more examples.

Christmas is not about giving or getting presents. Sure, it’s always nice to receive things. It’s equally nice to give things away. But don’t worry if you’re cash strapped like a lot of us are these days. There are things you can do for others that don’t cost a thing. And those are the best gifts, believe me, because they truly come from you. No Santa’s elves made them, neither were they made in China or in some sweatshop in India/Indonesia.

Do something generous and kind for someone else, and you will receive a reward far richer than anything of any monetary value. If this sounds alien to you, have a think. People search for Happiness in external things, always hoping to find it in the next purchase. But really I’ve found that it is when you are generous with your time, when you extend your hand to another in friendship, when you open your heart to strangers, when you give freely even if it means you’ll have to sacrifice something of your own or do without…that’s when you will be rewarded by the incomparable feeling of Happiness.

So, you see, Happiness CAN be bought. But not with any money in the world. Instead, in order to release the Happiness that already resides in each and every one of us, but which many of us are not aware of, or afraid to acknowledge, what you have to do is give away something first. What you give away need not have any monetary value either, remember after all, money is just another external concept that people incorrectly worship.

The best thing, if it can get even better, that is, is that you don’t even have to give your gift away. You can choose to share it with as many or as few people as you want to. You can even do it secretly so the recipient never realises it was you. You can go completely incognito, and watch people’s happy reactions.

If you’re still thinking about this concept in terms of material goods, then I’ve lost you. If you’re following every word I’ve said so far, and nodding your head in agreement, then I call this lesson a success.

So, with Christmas and the New Year upon us, I’ll start the ball rolling. Take this digital artwork I’ve created on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Feel free to copy and print it out for your own use, or why not print cards out of it to give away to your friends and family? Remember, the Spirit of the Season is one of GIVING, so take my gift to you and give it to your loved ones. Pay it forward!


❤ Namasté ❤.

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