A Most Unexpected Delivery

A few months ago, my friend Colleen and I agreed on an Art exchange. I’d expressed admiration for a beautiful Native American drum that Colleen had painted and posted about on Facebook. She agreed to post it to me. In return I would send her 12 of my Lenormand divination card decks, that I’d designed using my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The deal was struck, and the packages were duly sent.

Colleen received my package in early November, and posted up reviews of my Lenormand decks. But where was my drum?

Weeks passed, and still there was no sign of the drum. I knew Australian Customs could be very strict, particularly as the drum was made of natural materials, including wood, cow/buffalo hide and sinew. If Customs decided to open the package up for inspection, it would have been subjected to fumigation or, worse, confiscation.

I’d just about put the thought from my mind, and accepted the idea of my drum floating somewhere out there in the Magical Land of Lost Parcels, when on one of the very last postal delivery days before Christmas, I heard a beeping horn at my gate…

Could it be?

Yes, it was! By some miracle, Colleen’s drum arrived! Yay, Happy Days!

Thank you, Colleen! It’s even more beautiful than I imagined! It’s MAGICAL! That Raven may not gave flown the straightest of paths to get to me, but perhaps it took the scenic route so it could appreciate other lands and cultures, and bring with it a wealth of experience and stories to tell. I can’t wait for it to tell me about its adventures! ❤❤❤

image So very well packaged!

image Beautiful, or what? I love Ravens! The Moon behind it, just perfect!

image Close up showing feather details.

image Back of the drum. Note how the natural hide is held together in the middle by sinews.

image Nice detail in the middle.

image Colleen’s signature on the front of the drum.

image Colleen’s signature on the wooden rim of the drum, at the back.

image My Raven, come home to roost.

5 thoughts on “A Most Unexpected Delivery

  1. An art exchange…what a wonderful idea! The drum is beautifully crafted. Now you must upload a video of you playing it! 😀 xoxo

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