New Year, New Shoes

I have fallen arches, and thus flat feet. That sounds sad, but actually I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything really. Wearing high heels and twirly girly dresses was never my thing. I’ve always been much more comfortable wearing jeans and shirts.

In my “Adventure Girl” days, yes, really, I wore my North Face parka, convertible trousers and self-wicking high-performance shirts with pride. Oh, and my Merrell and Scarpa hiking boots. My bicycle was a mountain bike, no less, and I thought nothing of cycling 6 miles to work in the morning and 6 miles back again in the evening, through busy London traffic. For a weekend date I free-climbed Mount Tryfan in Snowdonia, Wales, just because it looked like a nice challenge. And because it was fun.

I don’t follow fashion, per se. I prefer to dress comfortably. Suits and formal attire make me feel restricted and uncomfortable. When I was a Manager in a previous job incarnation oh so long ago, I had to look the part. And I hated it. I also hated the job lol.

These days, seeing as apparently no Australian company will see fit to employ me, or even have the courtesy of acknowledging any of my job applications – their loss, not mine 😄- I’m up at the Dogs’ Refuge 3 times a week, where the reward of a wet nose snuffle, a whole-body wag welcome, and the gaze of sweet puppy-dog eyes is far more enriching than any salary.

But I digress. Back to my arches. Fallen they are, and now they have decided to give me some grief by way of heel spurs, or plantar fasciitis.

Actually, I’m not sure if it is plantar fasciitis…as I’ve not found any reliable information on the connection between that condition and fallen arches. If anyone knows for sure, please enlighten me. All I know is my right heel sometimes gives me a sharp, stabbing pain first thing in the morning. And this pain appears to migrate, from one side of the foot to the other, sometimes also to the middle. And then, just as mysteriously as it appears, the pain can go away.

Aliens. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. 😄

I’ve only recently started walking dogs at the Refuge, and the boots I wear for that purpose are heavy clodhoppers. I rather suspect they’re the culprits for my heel spur.

So, my New Year’s Resolution yesterday was to find myself a pair of orthotic sports trainers that had the necessary arch and heel supports to make sure my dog-walking days were ongoing, not numbered.

And I think I’ve found the perfect shoes…their bright colours sang to me, as did their price. Reduced from $119.95 to a mere $39.95, all because they were “last year’s model”. Yes, please!

I tend to go for dark or neutral colours in choosing my clothes or shoes, but these were the loudest, cheeriest shoes I’d ever clapped my eyes on. So I don’t care if my outfits clash with them (they’re bright pink, blue and electric yellow, so are practically guaranteed to colour clash with ANYTHING). The dogs won’t care what I look like anyway, as long as I’m there.




5 thoughts on “New Year, New Shoes

      1. There’s Always a waiting list. I guess Destiny favoured me last August. I didn’t want to wait, so I took myself over there and spent over 2 hours sitting outside the enclosures, just being with the dogs. Then I went into the office and asked for a form to fill, which they surprisingly gave to me. Hardly a week later I got an email inviting me there for induction as a Canine Carer. Maybe if you popped over in person and offered them a range of services they can’t refuse, they might bump you up on the list? Can you think of any services you could offer that would be in demand?

      2. Also, K9 Rescue in Pinjarra are always on the lookout for vollies to walk dogs. It’s hard to get there without your own transport though.

        Back to Shenton Park – you could always offer to become a Foster parent of a shelter dog. That means you get to keep the dog for a few weeks in your home, to give it a sense of normalcy. Some fosters prove themselves and become dog walkers too. I started out as a Canine Carer then later did the induction to walk dogs as well.

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