Follow Your Passion – Part 2


Yesterday I started writing about how we should Follow our Passion. It went on a bit, so I decided to split my post into smaller chunks. Here’s Part 2.

So, back to Macca’s. As a regular, you naturally meet other regulars. I’ve made some nice people there who have become good friends. Salt of the Earth types.

And then there’s the guy who works offshore, who drives a flash car, and wears so much bling on him that when the Sun is shining on him outside, he looks like Jesus. He once boasted to me how much money he had…no, actually he whipped out a huge wad of $50 notes secured by a humble rubberband, and slammed it onto the table. “There’s $5000 there,” he said with smug satisfaction on his face and in his voice, “Sometimes I carry $10,000 on me, and I like to keep at least $100,000 cash in my house”.

Like, WOW. Impressive stupidity.

And then there’s the guy who works at Macca’s. He once tried to chat me up, and asked if my “lady bits” were in good working order. Charming, right. He asked how much I was getting paid to go to the Dogs’ Refuge. I said as a Volunteer I don’t get paid. Then he said “Oh, I can get you a job easily, there’s a new McDonald’s franchise opening nearby and as Facilities Manager, I can get you a job there”.

I asked if it was a job working with dogs. He said, “No, it’s a cleaning job. But at least you’ll get paid for it”. I said I only wanted to work with dogs or animals. Mr Facilities Manager laughed, and Mr Bling, who was supposedly reading his newspaper at the next table, snorted sarcastically.

Mr Facilities Manager then said, “Beggars can’t be choosers, you need money to do what you love”. And Mr Bling said, “Yeah, Money rules, mate! And I’ve got lots of it.”

When I told a friend about this incident, she said I should’ve socked them both.

Yes, I’ve no money of my own. But even if I’m a beggar I still choose to do what I love rather than work for the sake of getting money. I want to work with dogs, it’s as simple as that. If I was working all hours to fit Mr Facilities Manager’s “You need money to do what you love” philosophy, I wouldn’t have the Time to do what I love then, would I??!

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