What would You do?

What, oh what would You do, if you won the US Powerball?

Punters in Australia got all hot under the collar when they discovered they were able to purchase tickets online for the supermassive US Powerball, for a chance to win AU$2.15 BILLION (US$1.5 BILLION).That’s the amount at the time of writing, it would’ve gone up by a helluva lot more by the time you read this. Also, by the time you read it, someone, or quite a few someones, would be millionnaires.

And before you ask, Yes, the Powerball was open to Australians. (Yes, sadly the draw is over now) Tickets could be purchased through a third party company called Lottoland. So maybe we’ll see some winners on this side of the pond? I hope so!


My question to you is not How Much you think you’ll win, but What you’re going to do with your windfall.


I’ll tell you my plans. They’re very simple, really. Let’s say I had a “modest” win of $30 million after taxes. Now, what would I do with all that cash?

Here’s what:
1) Split the winnings equally between myself and my ex. We are after a technically still married on paper, and he has been financially supporting my son and I, so it would only be fair to share my winnings with him. By the way, if anyone is jumping up and down yelling “But you used HIS money to buy the ticket, so technically it’s HIS win and it’s up to him whether he gives you anything or not”…actually, I used my old UK card that’s attached to my UK bank account, so technically I used MY own money, so it’s up to ME whether I give him anything or not. 😄

2) Then my ex and I can finally afford to go separate ways. I know he would love to visit his many Filipina girlfriends in their country. He’ll be hardpressed deciding which one of them loves him the most and is deserving of sharing his newfound wealth. And for sure he’ll be setting up his own music studio, so he can spend all his time making the electronic music he so loves. Maybe he’ll even hook back up with that American Cougar from 2013-2014, she’d love to share studio time with him. Oh, I’m not bitter about it, I’m actually merely stating facts. I’ll buy the ex out of the house, and pay off all our joint debts. And I’ll continue living in the property, after updating it (the electrics are as old as me!).

3) Once all that’s out of the way, I should have about $15 million left. I’ll put $10 million into several managed funds for Jack, that he can access only once he’s turned 21. Meanwhile, he will only have access to the interest accummulated from only one account. That will take care of Jack’s education and set him up for life, hopefully.

4) That leaves me with $5 million. Now perhaps I can finally make my dream of running a Dog Sanctuary come true. I envision acres of land, fenced off, of course, where the dogs can run freely and intermingle with each other to their hearts’ content. They need only go into kennels to sleep and rest. My inspiration is Sasha Pecic, who must be the happiest man in Serbia. Sasha has rescued 580 dogs from the streets on Nis, Serbia, and now they all run freely at his Sanctuary. I’d dearly love to visit his Sanctuary to ask him how he does it.

And that’s it. In a nutshell. Remember a few days ago I mentioned a Big Dream of mine? Well, that Dream is running my own Dog Sanctuary.

I want to not only give homeless dogs a place they can call Home, I want to give our homeless humans the same. In return for helping look after the dogs, they’ll get food and lodging, and education and training in the care of animals.

And as for the dogs themselves, I intend to rehome them, or if not, rehabilitate them to become Service/Assistance/Therapy dogs. So that they may serve the needs of Humans and show them that they are capable of rising from the ashes of being abandoned or neglected, to being useful members of Society.

And that is all I wish for. I wanted to find a kind and generous benefactor/business partner, someone who is willing to undertake this Dog Sanctuary project with me. Someone who shares the same Vision and is happy to work with me achieve our mutual goal. Stereotypically this would be a man with the necessary financial means. In reality, though, this person’s gender or sexual inclination does not matter at all. He/she would have to 1) love dogs and animals, 2) be focussed on the welfare of the dogs and not on romance with me 3) not be obsessed about sex, because although I do like companionship and cuddles, my higher sense of Purpose supercedes everything else.

Is that too tall an order? I’m open to offers, the question is – are there any takers out there in the Universe? Surely there must be someone out there, amongst the 7 billion human beings in this world, who has the same Idea and is just looking for someone like me to share it with?

I’m still waiting…but maybe my chances are better of winning the lottery than of finding that Other Person (or persons) to share my Big Dream with?

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