There’s no two ways about it. We live in a screwed up world. Our priorities are back to front, upside down and inside out.

We work to live, not live to work. We work hard, so we can pay off our mountains of debt and perhaps feed our family, and so our employer can bring His family for that long holiday abroad. Life isn’t about living, it’s about making a living.

Human beings are the only living creatures that have to “earn” a living. No other animal has to deal with waking up, commuting to work, paying bills, and worrying about their pension. Ever thought maybe We’re doing it wrong??

Money is God, not just a system of exchange. It is the yardstick by which Society pigeonholes people. If you have lots of money, you’re successful, and you have tonnes of “friends”, and people flock to see you or hear you speak. Even if you’re talking poppycock out your arse. If you bottled your farts, your fans would fall over themselves in the rush to buy it. However, if you have no money, no one wants to know your name. People avert their gaze when they carefully skirt around your spot on the pavement. Some even tell you to shove off, or get a security guard or policeman to remove you.

Celebrity births, marriages and deaths are considered “News”. Everyone wants a piece of that person when they’re dead, yet when they’re alive we never hear anyone singing their praises as highly. People love the ability to lay claim to another person’s fame vicariously. Don’t know that word? Look it up.

We believe what the elite tell the Media to disseminate to us. Regardless of whether it’s true. If you read it on Facebook, it must be true. Ditto if you read that someone read or saw it on Good Morning America, then posted about it on Facebook, then it must be true. Ergo, Everything you see on Facebook is true.

Now, for some local news from the homefront.

Great big bushfires burning out of control down south of Perth, Western Australia. 128 homes and an entire town, Yarloop, gone. Not to mention wildlife, livestock, treasured possessions and pets. People rallying round with donations and offers of food and temporary housing. Good job! Some bloke even donated his car and persuaded over a dozen others to follow his example. Great examples of humanity. The victims of the fires face months, if not years, of recovery to get their lives back together, they’ll need all the help they can get.

Meanwhile, back in Perth. Young beauty pageant contestant has her handbag stolen. Inside are her iPhone, car keys, parking ticket and wallet. The thief traces her car via the parking ticket, and steals the car as well. Beautiful buxom lassie is naturally distraught. 2 businessmen gallantly jump to her assistance. One runs a car dealership, and lets her have use of one of his cars “for as long as she needs it”. The other, a businessman, buys our distressed damsel a brand new iPhone 6.

I wonder if these 2 gallant knights in expensive armour have donated anything to the poor victims of the bushfires, only 200km away? Did the car dealer donate a truckload of cars for the victims to use “for as long as they need them”? Did the businessman donate money, clothing, food, or, god forbid, a bunch of iPhone 6s to those victims?

What do you think? Priorities, what priorities? Society, and the way it prances and postures, makes me sad. There was a time when people were more human, more caring and less self-centred or selfish. I miss those days.

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