Why We Need Art

I’ve a Pinterest Board dedicated to artwork that inspires me. I’m in awe of the creativity of artists, their talent for drawing, illustration, sculpting, etching, printing etc etc. So many different types of Art, so many different mediums and formats. It boggles the mind just how creative we human beings can be. What’s even more mindboggling is how artists keep struggling to survive in a world corrupted by consumerism, materialism and capitalism.

Why do artists still do what they do? The time for “big” artists is long gone…these days everybody’s well on the bandwagon, hoping to be “discovered” as the next Michaelangelo, the next Turner, the next Bacon, the next Hirst. Everyone wants to make it big, but only a few chosen ones ever do.

And yet we persevere. Perhaps it’s because something in us tells us to keep creating art, just keep pouring our heart and soul into our creations, do it for the sake of expressing our innermost thoughts, sharing our innermost secrets, crafting our innermost dreams. Honing them patiently, fine-tuning each flourish, loving each moment, until the day comes when we are no longer struggling and starving but rich and famous.

Hah! Dream on! 😄

It’s akin to playing the Lottery. We know our chances of winning are extremely slim, but yet we keep buying those tickets and hoping our numbers turn up. It’s Hope that keeps us buoyed and afloat. And when we Don’t strike the Lottery, we simply shrug and carry on buying the next ticket, and the next.

Or…maybe artists are just compelled to create Art, no matter if they never get any profit from it. Like Vincent Van Gogh, who was so driven to paint that it drove Him mad. And he still only ever sold 1 painting in his lifetime, and still died penniless.

I suppose we should be grateful that there are still artists in the world, and that they are so driven that they simply cannot stop doing what they do – creating beautiful Art and saturating our world bit by glorious bit. Art makes the world a brighter, more colourful and vivid place…and we could all do with some of that in this grey and dreary world of ours, filled with worker drones and the constant fluttering of millions of bills.

God help us all if one day there was no more Art. I don’t intend to stick around if that ever happens.


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