Love Locked

At the Dogs’ Refuge Home where I volunteer, they’ve set up a novel idea for celebrating people’s love for their dogs. It’s called “The Trellis of Love”.


For AU$25, you get your name and your dog’s name placed into a padlock, which is then placed onto the trellis for evermore. You also receive a paper certificate to commemorate the event. It’s such a romantic notion, like that evinced by the (many) Bridges of Love in Paris. (The trend seems to have caught on and spread to other countries around the world – read this Wikipedia entry on “love locks“).


This year, I hope lots of people visit the Refuge to adopt a new furever friend for themselves, or a playmate for their existing dog. I hope to see that Trellis of Love filling up soon with lots of love locks. After all, our dogs deserve all our love, as unconditional as the love they give us every day of their lives.

Love is not just for Valentine’s Day, it’s for Always and Forever. Dogs will give us just that, day in, day out, without a complaint or bouts of anger, and certainly without a battle of egos. The same can hardly be said of us human beings, we who profess to be the “superior race”. Give me the love of a dog any day.

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