A Dog’s Love

So, Happy St. Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re going to be/have already been serenaded and celebrated by the love of your life.

I’m lucky that here in my household, I don’t have to worry about whether I’ll get flowers, or chocolate, or a romantic dinner, or a movie…because here in my household, I know my Love is true and that the feeling is reciprocated. I’m talking of course, about the unconditional love only a dog can give. And I have 2 gorgeous dogs who love me as much as I love them, if not more.

And, let me answer the burning question you’ve just been dying to ask – No, I shall not be getting any material “stuff” from any date/boyfriend/husband, because I don’t have and don’t need a date/boyfriend/husband to tell me I’m loved and prove it to me by buying me sentimental, commercial tat that I don’t need. Unless, of course, it’s Iced Mango Tea and a tub of The Body Shop’s Hemp Body Moisturising Cream, thank you. On second thoughts, I’ll get them myself.

Marilyn Monroe died waiting for a man to prove to her that not all men are the same. She was bitterly disappointed, no doubt. Well, I’m not going to fall into that trap, and I quite happily declare that I’m Happy with my own company, and that the unconditional love a dog gives its human is far, far better and longer-lasting than any human to human relationship. I like to say, if you have to choose between a person and a dog, always choose the dog. You won’t regret it.

I don’t need flowers, or chocolates, or indeed any gifts that can be purchased. Because that’s not the measure of real Love, that’s just a poor facsimile, just like how people think that Money can buy Happiness. Real Love has no price tag and cannot be bought off a rack or from eBay.

Instead of flowers or chocolates or being wined and dined just one day of the year, I celebrate every single day I have with my dogs. After all, they’re only here for a short while, so every day, every hour, minute and second, is precious and priceless.

I’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with my son, Jack as well as with my dogs, Scruffy and Shelagh. A Son’s love for his Mother, and a Mother’s love for her Son – those are to be treasured and cherished and never taken for granted.

I leave you with this sentiment that I found on Google. It brought tears to my eyes, the truth of those words will linger in your heart, long after those roses have wilted in their vase, and the chocolate box has been thrown out.

Dogs ARE Love.


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