There are no bad dogs

…just bad people. Some people really should not own dogs. And if they do, they need to learn some basic manners themselves, nevermind the dogs.

Bullies are all too common in this world. Small-minded people with huge egos, who are so insecure that they need to make other people uncomfortable/unhappy/depressed/sad/etc, in order to feel good about themselves.

Small-minded dog owners with huge egos are also a common sight wherever you go with your dog. These folks only think about themselves, and not about others. This includes their dogs.

Here are some examples I’ve personally encountered while out walking my dogs:

1. The man with the dog off its leash in a leashed dog-walking area. He saw us crossing the bridge over the stream, 2 people and 2 dogs, and yet he just kept coming. I yelled at him to please leash his dog, but he ignored us. I had to get everyone off the bridge and a safe distance away from him and his dog. To add insult to injury, this arrogant bar steward (excuse my French!) then deliberately stood in the middle of the bridge looking down at the water and studiously ignoring us and the fact that we were waiting for him to shove off I mean move on.

2. The woman with her border collie in the car, who turned up at the park after us. She clearly saw us playing Fetch with the dogs. Her border collie was fixated on my dogs, its head swivelled round on its neck so it could keep staring at us, as she parked her car. She then made a big fuss of clipping her lead on the dog, and leading it away. But a minute later, she appeared not quite 50 feet away, with her dog off-lead. The dog was still staring at us, so we quickly moved away.

3. The elderly man and his wife and their energetic Kelpie puppy. The wife was using an invalid’s walker. The husband carried a cane. We had already been at the park a good 10 minutes before these people arrived. Instead of moving to a different area, once they saw that the spot was already taken, the man waved his cane in the air at us, then pointed to his dog. The wife meanwhile sat down on her walker. Out of common courtesy and deference to their age, we packed up and moved away. Bullied yet again! That particular park was the size of 3 football fields, it’s not like they had nowhere else to go.

4. The man who came upon us playing Fetch with our 2 dogs in the park. I noticed him walking past with his Husky. I quickly grabbed my dogs by their collars, and waited for him and his Husky to move on. Instead, he stood there looking at us. After about 2 minutes, he yelled, “My dog’s not a biter”. I yelled back, “I’m not sure about mine!”, and expected him to carry on his way. He stood there for another minute or two, clearly contemplating whether to release his dog or not, before thankfully moving on.

Some people just don’t have even the most basic sense of courtesy towards others. It riles me somewhat that they would flout the law and have their dogs running loose in leashed-only areas, and expect other people and dogs to move out of their way. If a fight broke out between their dog and another, I dread to think how they might react, what they might say and what they might do.

Perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks, but some people clearly can’t or won’t learn new manners.

Okay, rant over. Your normal transmission will resume shortly.


4 thoughts on “There are no bad dogs

  1. We have a lot of trouble with irresponsible people walking their dogs off lead *everywhere* here…the response that winds me up the most is when we shout to them “can you get your dog please” and they almost always reply “oh it’s okay, s/he is friendly!”…I don’t care, just get your dog, I don’t want them meeting mine!

    Beautiful pup you have 🙂

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