Found this on Google Images and thought I’d share it with you here. If rescued dogs could speak, I believe this is what they’d say. They may not have the ability to speak like humans, but if we observe the subtle nuances of their body language, and marry those to their different barks, whines, yelps, howls, whimpers and snuffles, we Can learn their language. It’s not English, but it shouldn’t be Greek either.

When you visit a Dogs’ Shelter, remember that the dogs you see there are not in their natural environment. Kennels are strange, noisy, isolated places, with only 2 exits – one for going in and out, and the other with a fence or glass window, where strange people come and ogle at dogs. If it’s fenced rather than glassed, many of these total strangers, especially the small young ones, will try to touch the dog through the links of the fence. Imagine how frightening this can be, if it was You on the inside, and that was happening to You.

So, for a dog in a Shelter to get adopted, he must have been able to somehow rise over his surroundings and been brave enough to show his true self to humans. He must have reached out in his unique doggy way and touched the hearts of some humans, enough so that someone took a chance on him.

He must have learnt to speak to the human heart. Dogs have been by our side for millennia, protecting us, keeping us company, keeping us warm, amusing us, giving us unconditional love. We owe it to them to at least try and learn Their language.

As regards the word Rescue – the question one should ask is this: who really rescued whom?


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