Dearest Dog

Dearest Dog, as I watch you sleep
I imagine the dreams you’re having
– chasing butterflies across the fields
– exploring a thousand myriad scents
– reading the news of dogs strange and familiar, cleverly wrapped around
telegraph poles and trees
What a life you have!

Your legs twitch as you slumber
You make the funniest whimpers and whines as you dream of
Eating the most delicious treats
Or gnawing on a big juicy bone
You even lick your lips in anticipation
Your eyebrows dance on your brow
At times your eyes even flutter

Your favourite game is Fetch
You like playing it in the field
Round the corner from our home
You also love playing Fetch
In our swimming pool
With that old battered and torn ball
That you won’t give up on
– are you playing now in your sleep?

Dearest Dog, most beautiful friend
I watch your sleep of innocence
The sleep of dogs and babies
A rest untainted by the trials of Life
I’m so happy you’re here with me
When you snuffle in your dreams
I can’t but help notice how
Your nose resembles a truffle.

Poem by:
AlyZen Moonshadow


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