The Surrender

I remember the day you brought me here
You put all my things in the car
– my bowls, my bed, my toys, you said
We were going away on a trip
I was so excited I kept jumping
Up and down and all around
I love going anywhere with you
Even if it’s just round the block

You put me in the car beside you
You strapped me in to be safe
You told me I was the best
Friend you ever had
But that you were going to be
too busy to play with me
I think I understand
You have a new best friend
He’s always coming round to see you
I don’t like him much
But I guess if you do
That’s alright with me, but
Why can’t we both share your time?

You drove me here, parked the car
You made me wait for a while
Then you came back with someone else who carried my things away
I was confused – I thought we were
Going away on a road trip together?
You signed some papers, then
You handed me over to the stranger, who took me away from you
– hey, wait, what’s happening?
I don’t want to be apart from you!
Take me back, I want to go home!
Someone help me, please!

I try my best to get back to you
But you just stand there weeping
I can’t stand seeing you cry
It makes me so sad, I just want
To be with you and comfort you
Why won’t they let me go to you?
Why are you turning your back
And running away from me?
Don’t you love me anymore?
What did I do wrong?
What’s going to happen to me now?

I see my things are in my new room
But it’s not my comfortable room
At home with you
This place is strange, cold and
Noisy – I can hear others around me
They are all singing sad songs too
Telling their stories, sharing their sorrow, and as I listen,
I feel sad too, so I join in their
melancholy chorus as well
Adding my own story to the
Stone cold walls that surround me
I’m so alone, and scared,
And confused and
I just want to go home…
Only, I have no home anymore.

I don’t want to play anymore
I don’t feel like eating
Everything feels so wrong
Strangers come and go
Some are nice, some not so
Everyone looks at me, talks to me
But I’m not in the mood for listening
To them
I’m only going to listen out for
The sound of Your footsteps
Coming to get me
And to bring me home again
Tell me, what did I do to deserve this?
When will you come to get me?
I’m waiting, and waiting
And my heart grows sadder and sadder,
til I fear one day soon
It will simply break
And I’ll be dead…

Poem by:
AlyZen Moonshadow

Image source: Google

2 thoughts on “The Surrender

    1. Hi Jan, this is a poem I wrote from my heart, at a time when I was a volunteer canine carer and dog walker at a Dog Shelter. Their plight touched me, and I wanted to convey to my readers just how terrifying and lonely it must be for a dog to be abandoned at a shelter.

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