Staffy-type dogs

Yesterday’s post showcased non-Staffy breeds of dogs at that come through the Refuge. Today’s post is about the Staffy and Bully types that we get and rehome.

As Mum to a Staffy-Mastiff cross, Shelagh, I’m rather partial to the type myself. I say type, rather than breed, as generally speaking, most Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers and any crossbreeds of the two get lumped under the “Pit Bull” label. And to many people, the label “Pit Bull” denotes an aggressive, fighting dog.
And that, in turn, leads us to Breed Specific Legislation, which tars most short-nosed, short-haired, stocky, barrel-chested dog with the same “dangerous dog” brush. Which could not be further from the truth, actually.

When and how did these famous “Nanny” dogs suddenly become “Dangerous” dogs? The most dangerous animal by far is us human beings. We are the ones who have manipulated the genes of dozens of dog breeds, to satisfy our own whims, for fashion and for profit.

And it’s the dogs who suffer because we refuse to acknowledge our hand in all this, but blame the breed every time a person gets bitten.

Typical human egoistic behaviour. Shame on us. We are the reason so many of these beautiful dogs end up in Shelters, many of them euthanized just to make room for even more Staffy/Bully types in the Shelters. And still people keep breeding these dogs for fighting…

Luckily, the Refuge is a no-kill shelter. Unless a dog is too ill or has bitten someone badly and is unpredictably aggressive, the Refuge will do its very best to rehome it, or find it a long-term foster home.







2 thoughts on “Staffy-type dogs

  1. The face of that last guy just kills me! You are very right, it is almost always humans to blame. In fact statistics in the last ten years show that the most common culprit in any bite scenario is a human male under the age of ten, normally having attempted to take a resource from an animal. What does that tell you? Probably time to start training our kids instead of blaming the dogs!

    1. So true! Kids think that just because a dog looks cute it’s also going to be friendly and accept being assaulted from all angles by them. Perhaps we spoil our children by giving them too many soft toys so when the real thing comes along the child thinks it’s ok to pull its ears, kiss it on the nose, give it a great big squeeze, pull its tail etc. Shame on us human beings.

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