It was a glorious day until…

It was a glorious day, until some mean-spirited person came and spoiled it. Or tried to, anyway.

We all know the story. We all have someone like that we know, or know of. We all at one time or another have had to live with, work with, or deal with one of these “spirit sappers”. They are also known as “soul suckers” or “spirit vampires”. You may even have your own name for them. Shhhh! We are in polite company here.

Whatever the case, these are, to put it very simply, people who are impossible to please or satisfy. No matter how good you are at what you do, or how smart you are, or how hardworking or creative or whatever it is you do…in the eyes of these people, you are lower than the lowest. And you must be put down even further.

And why? So that they can make themselves feel better about themselves. People like these are in actual fact just bullies, with very low self-esteem about themselves. A bunch of raw nerves. The only way they know how to make themselves feel happier about themselves is to make someone else feel bad.

Time was I used to fret that it was me that was at fault. That I was not good enough, that I should try harder, do better, be smarter, run faster.

But now, after years of self-discovery and embracing the Now, I see these people for what they truly are. And I feel sorry for them. Part of me wants to help them, the other part of me recoils as it knows it will only get bitten or stung in return. So the whole of me tries to shrug each assault off, or brush it aside. (It’s not always easy or possible!) Someone once said, “Sometimes, the best response is to Not respond”. As in “Don’t take the bait and feed the Ego”. Remember, whenever anyone tries to run your character down, it’s not a reflection on you, but on them.

Today was one of those days. It was going so well too, until that person appeared…so here is what I think of it:


Ok, rant over. Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “It was a glorious day until…

  1. This person is probably so frustrated they need to take it out on someone, it just shows they live in hell of their own suppressed insecurities and fears. They can only get to you if you let them, you are in charge of your emotions and it’s no use wasting time and energy on some miserable sods…

    1. I believe you’re right. I also think this person might even wish they were me, or that they’d thought of the things I do or say, and by being critical of me they’re trying to steal my thunder for themselves. Reverse shoe shine lol!

    1. So true, Tracy! I cheered myself up by editing a photo I took of this particular person, where she was bending over a dog. I added some choice clipart to certain parts of her body. I felt much better afterwards lol.

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