Keep Calm and Help Your Pets Too

Part of my job involves Weather Alerts – providing information to our social media followers about how to keep their beloved dogs calm during thunderstorms, or firework displays, or during heatwaves.

Below is one such post I had to create in a flash (pun intended) when I woke up to the rumbling of thunder and flashes of lightning, and Shelagh, who sleeps on my bed with me, started growling then barking.

I’m posting it here so the next time I need to do a Weather Alert I know exactly where to get the information. It’ll save me from having to hunt high and low on Google and Pinterest for infographics or weblinks.

Yes, there’s thunder and lightning, and the rain will follow. Your dog may be afraid of the rumbling sounds, or the lightning flashes, or even the static electricity that’s building up in his fur. Here are some things you can do to keep your pets calm during thunderstorms.

. Bach Rescue Remedy for pets – proven to help calm dogs down, not just during storms. Works even on dogs prone to human aggression. A few drops in their water, or rubbed on their ears.
. Thundershirt – storebought or homemade. Hugs the dog’s body and makes it feel calmer and protected.
. To reduce/negate static electricity in your dog’s fur – rub a fabric conditioner sheet over his body.
. Keep the dog indoors with the curtains drawn so lightning flashes can’t be seen.
. Play soothing Music at a low level, to distract from the sound of thunder.
. Adaptil collar – contains pheromones that a dog associates with its puppyhood and its mother and gives it a feeling of well-being and protection. Also lowers aggression and makes the dog more tolerant of triggers.
. Keep all external doors and gates closed securely. Loud sounds may make a startled dog bolt out into the street and get hit by traffic or go missing.

Stay safe, and keep your beloved pets safe! Save and share this information so you can all Keep Calm in stormy weather!



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