Happy Mother’s Day 2016


I created this for Mother’s Day 2016, for the Refuge’s Facebook Page that I’m the Administrator of. Yes, folks, since mid-February this year, it’s me behind 90% of the posts you read on. Occasionally I get asked to post up other material, on Marketing and Fundraising, or a Lost&Found ad, but generally, 4 times a day, 7 days a week, the posts you read are from me.

I always fancied being famous, not! 😄 In my younger days I used to wonder if I’d be happy being famous…would I like to be famous for my looks and status, like Princess Diana, or would I prefer to be famous but incognito, like James Dyson. Who? Exactly. I decided I’d rather people appreciated my work, but be unable to recognise me in the streets if they saw me.

In my current job, I’m also the Administrator of the Refuge’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, and I also maintain the Refuge website. That I inherited from my predecessor, and having no prior knowledge of HTML or experience being a Webmaster, I’ve had to learn from scratch the hard way. Luckily, a few years ago, in a different incarnation, I’d created my own website using Wix, so the concept of designing and maintaining a website was not totally alien to me. Phew!

So anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums in the world. And even if you have no children of your own but you have pets instead, remember, in their eyes you are pretty much Their Mother. And they love you for being there for them, just as much as a human child would.

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