I Have A Dream


I created this last year on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, when I was considering creating an entire deck of Inspirational Sayings. I did get started, and got as far as making 24 different designs, but then other creative projects crept in, and this deck fell by the wayside.

I did get the cards printed, by doubling them to make a deck of 48 cards, with 2 of each design. I kept 24, and gave the other 24 away as part of an Art Abandonment exercise.

I was going through the dozens of photo folders on my mobile device tonight, when I chanced upon this card. It felt very relevant to the present climate.

So yes, I Do have a plan for my future. I have a Dream. And I intend to set my feet in the path of that Dream, and follow through with intent. It may well be that my Journey so far has not quite reached its destination, as I’d thought… but has simply reached a stepping stone or a resting place, where I may catch my breath. And then move on.

Carpe Diem.

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