A Quote Of Relevance

My work laptop broke the other day. Well, not exactly, but it dished out some authentication errors when I tried to hook up to the work WiFi. My work email account decided to stop syncing. I rang our IT guys, who requested that it be couriered over to them to be fixed.

Ta ta, computer. I got on to the IT guys with a list of other things to look at. They said it would be a couple or three days, before I’d get the laptop back.

I felt like I’d lost an arm or something. Day in day out I lug that beast on my back, to work and back home again. Those 2 days I didn’t have it in my backpack, I felt like a weight had gone from my shoulders. Literally.

I’m rather attached to that laptop. I’d tweaked its settings, so all the
applications I needed to do my work were lined up neatly on my screen. Every photo belonged to a labelled folder. Every document was filed away. My desktop was tidy (by my standards, anyway. There is a method to my madness).

And then suddenly I didn’t have all that anymore. I didn’t even have the physical laptop. I tried using someone else’s computer while they were away. But whilst my laptop was an Apple Macbook, the other computers at work were Windows based. I felt like I did when I first switched from an Apple mobile phone to the Android platform – rather alien, to say the least! After faffing around for a while trying to get various applications downloaded to a temporary computer, I felt like was wasting my time on a futile mission…or perhaps my time would be better spent elsewhere, doing something different. Such as with the dogs.

I guess the morale of the story is this:


You just don’t appreciate something or someone until it or they are gone. How often do we take something for granted? Or fail to appreciate someone’s efforts? How often do we assume that thing or person will always be there for you? And neglect to let them know that they are appreciated?

I got my laptop back just the other day. More or less, anyway. There are a couple of things still not fixed on it, but that’s being looked at and at least I can start catching up on all the things I’ve missed out on the last few days. After a fashion, anyway. Not having the old ball & chain round my leg, metaphorically speaking, was quite an experience. It was like a busman’s holiday. 😉

Speaking of holidays…..

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