Today’s Inspirational Quote


I found this on Google today, and it fits me to a “T”.

It’s terribly sad that in today’s Society, people don’t support and encourage each other, but instead are interested only in progressing their own lives, for their own gain and profit. And if they trample on someone else in their pursuit of ambition, they choose not to notice. Sometimes, they do it because they’re sadistic and it gives them a twisted sense of satisfaction.

Happiness isn’t to be found in treading on other people’s dreams, in putting people down, being overly critical for the sake of being critical. You can’t buy Happiness, neither can you steal it from someone else and hope it sticks to you. It’s not Blu-Tack.

If you ever find yourself at the receiving end of this behaviour, make sure you get away as soon as possible. If you ever find yourself being the person hijacking another person’s happiness, make sure you get some self-help as soon as possible.

I’ve reinvented myself so many times in the past it doesn’t bother me anymore to embrace yet another change. If you can’t change, you stagnate, and then eventually you die.

My elevator is being springcleaned. Don’t worry, certain people and things will get jettisoned, to make room for far better things to come. I have some creative ideas rattling around in this old head of mine, some exciting ideas really…so watch this space! Out of the ashes, the Phoenix will rise again.

Have a great day, everyone! Namasté!

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