ALDI Kwinana

We are so sad. There’s not much happening in our neck of the woods, so little in fact, that we’d go to the opening of an envelope.

Aldi supermarket is a German company that has been in Europe for years. It’s a no frills supermarket, where basically all its products are simply displayed in their boxes, not taken out and arranged neatly in rows like you see in most supermarkets. You just take what you want, and if you want the entire box, take it. What Aldi saves in not having to employ shelf stackers it passes on to its customers.

It’s a great concept, and there’s a sister company called Lidl, that offers the same kind of thing.

When we lived in Ireland, there was a Lidl in Carrick-on -Shannon. But for Aldi I’d have to drive 20 minutes to the next town of Longford. Of the two, Aldi’s presentation and quality of products was slightly better.

Aldi have been a presence on the East Coast of Australia for years, but never ventured over to Western Australia before now. We are very much a cultural backwater here, sports mad and not much else. I’m not into sports at all, so you can guess how boring Life can be here. Sure there are concerts you can attend…at a price, and I’m not talking $10, I’m talking add another 0 to that figure.

So, when Aldi landed in WA and building work began on around a dozen stores, a lot of people waited in eager anticipation to see if it was worth the hype. Would this signify the death of Australian supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles? Would it give them a run for their money?

I’m not sure how the planners worked it out, but in my local area we have not 1 but 3 Aldis opening up within a 6 mile radius – one in Rockingham, 1 in Waikiki less than 2 miles down the road, and 1 in Kwinana near where Jack goes to school, just 5 miles away.

The Kwinana Aldi opened on 8th June. On 9th June I decided to pay the store a visit after picking Jack up from school.

Would you believe there was a long queue outside, just to get in? Aldi trolleys use $1 or $2 coins or a reusable trolley token, which you can get for $1. You should bring your own plastic carrier bags or tote bags, otherwise you can purchase a large plastic bag for 15 cents, or a fabric one for a bit more.

Caveat emptor: Aldi is a lot like IKEA, in the sense that you go in with the intention of just looking or getting just one item, yet somehow you always come out with a trolley full of stuff you never knew you needed.

Here are some photos I sneaked, just to give you an idea of what Aldi looks and feels like. For a discount supermarket, it looks very flash and modern, nice!







We’d already blown my budget at Woolworths buying food for the week…but when we saw some Chocco Pillow breakfast cereals and cheap chicken and leek pies, we couldn’t resist.

And just as we were at the checkout counter, I found my Riesen to make Aldi my supermarket from hereon out.

Yes, Riesen. Only the yummiest dark chocolate covered chocolate toffee. You just can’t buy it anywhere in Western Australia. I’ve been over 4 years without a Riesen (my last stash was from Malaysia).

And now, RIESEN!

Yup…we bought every Riesen that was in that box. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to go round, at the other checkout counters. Get your own! These are MINE! 😄😄😄


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