For Those Who Don’t Really Know Me…

To those who don’t know me, I might seem mousey, quiet and unassuming. But still waters run deep. Looks aren’t everything, and I know I’m no model…well, more like Last Year’s Model 😉. But to those who have never lived 1/10th of the lives I’ve led, before you assume I’m just a silly goose, I bet you can’t beat these credentials?!

Here’s how I’ve kept myself busy the last quarter of a century. Learning never stops, and I’ve worn all these hats, sometimes more than once:

Piano Teacher
Dental Nurse
Music Journalist
Department Store Assistant
Music Teacher
Library Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Social Security Benefits Officer
Teddy Bear Artist
Book Reviewer for Magazine
Crafts Market Stallholder
Executive Officer HMGovt UK
Higher Executive Officer HMGovt UK
Single Mother
Kitchen Entrepreneur
Handbag Designer
Kitchen Hand
Recycled Materials Artist
Poultry Breeder
Credit Cards Customer Call Centre
Electronic Band Musician
Yamaha Tenori-On Player
Retail Bank Customer Call Centre
Digital Photography Artist
Video Choreographer
Mixed Media Artist
Graphic Designer
Web designer
Registered Japanese Quail Breeder
Licensed Digital Artist
Dog Walker
Canine Carer
Web Master
Social Media Administrator
Communications Officer
Certified Canine Behaviourist

So yes, I do know a bit about many things. And sometimes quite a lot about a few things. I find myself reinventing who I am every few years. I’m sure I’ll be adding more to this List in time to come!

(Image Source: Google Images)

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