If It Fits, I Sits

Jack and I went to Aldi the other day, and plumb forgot to bring our own shopping bags with us. Not wanting to spend money buying bags that we already had in the car (which was parked 5 minutes away in another carpark), I spied a pile of cardboard boxes the Aldi crew had left for customers to help themselves to. It’s amazing how well one soon learns to pack things tightly into a small space!

On the way back home, we joked about making a little cardboard house out of the 2 boxes, for the cat, Boo.

Back home, the disparity in dimensions between the 2 boxes meant it wasn’t possible to stack them together to make a reasonable looking “house” for the cat. So, we just left the boxes on the living room floor, side by side.

Which box would Boo select? Would it be Box No.1, the smaller orange one, or Box No.2, the slightly larger and squarer box?





3 thoughts on “If It Fits, I Sits

  1. Oh just looking at Boo makes me miss my cats…well, my daughter’s cats so much! We would come back from the store and create a city of box condos for those crazy felines- with windows and bridges and no wonder we never had packing tape handy when we needed it!!!

      1. She has two and they ADORE each other which is such a sweet blessing. The first cat was always very friendly and always dragged a stuffed animal around at night..weird, but we thought he was maybe lonely. He was a few years old when we brought the kitten home..lots of hissing (and separation) on day one and then on day two the new little one got deathly ill with that disease that they pick up in shelters. We had to quarantine the kitten in our guest bathroom for 6 weeks so the other one wouldn’t get sick. He almost died- got so skinny he looked like a squirrel…his tail stayed fluffy. (Yes, it was AWFUL and so stressful because we thought we had exposed our first cat and felt so guilty 😩) Anyway, they’d meow at each other..and when they finally were able to get together it was very mellow- probably because the kitty was still weak..so they got along great from then on. I know this doesn’t always happen though..so it’s a bit of a crap shoot introducing a second cat.

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