The Hunt for a Sewing Machine

My son Jack is not very good at woodworking in school, but surprisingly he’s not bad at sewing. He’s come home with pencil cases that he made (complete with zip), a tissue-paper holder, a coin pouch. His handiwork is not bad at all 😄.

So, after listening to Jack talking about the things he would sew if only he had his own sewing machine, I decided to see if I could get us both a decent sewing machine, at a fraction of the price in the shops. If that was at all possible.

After all, it is my birthday next Friday, the 1st of July. It could be my birthday present to myself, as well as a gift for Jack. Hopefully we’ll get some mileage out of it! I remember when Loom Bandz were all the rage 2 years ago, and Jack was busy making all sorts of bracelets and necklaces for months and months, until his interest suddenly stopped cold. I hope his interest in sewing doesn’t peter out too soon.

(I’d had a cheap sewing machine back in Ireland. It had cost me less than €70 at Lidl, and although I could use it, I had a love-hate relationship with it, as there was always something wrong with its tension. When we moved to Australia at the end of 2010, I remember seeing it once in the garden shed, but I haven’t been able to locate it since. Maybe because part of me just doesn’t want to find it?!)

With all this in mind, I scouted around the local shops for a suitable sewing machine. I remembered there was a Janome sewing centre in Rockingham, I’d been there looking for fabric a couple of years ago…

It was no longer there 😢.

I went to Spotlight next. Spotlight, for those who don’t know already, is a chain of haberdashers + crafts stores, where you can get anything from party supplies to cake decorating to Art supplies to knitting and sewing supplies to curtains and linen and even wooden blinds.

Spotlight had several sewing machines, ranging from AU$129 through to AU$699. After speaking to a store assistant, I decided the best thing to do would be to bring Jack to Spotlight after school, and we could choose the machine together.

Best laid plans and all that…

I stopped by Cash Converters on the off-chance they had sewing machines for sale. They did indeed!

And what was more, they had a Brother JS1700, brand new in box, unopened. And it was AU$100 CHEAPER than the one in Spotlight. It was a no-brainer. Of course it had to come home with me!


Coming up: What we did next with our new sewing machine.

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