Dog Slip Over Collar Bandannas

Et voila! Our little experiment with the new sewing machine worked a treat. Not too many wonky stitches, ahem! πŸ˜„

Jack proved to be a dab hand at threading the machine and making sure the bobbin thread caught the needle. The sewing machine has its own built-in light, which made threading the needle much easier. No need for needle threaders, yay!

Here are Scruffy and Shelagh sporting their new bandannas. Admittedly they could do with being a smidgeon shorter, but they’re not bad at all for our first attempt, don’t you agree? And the dogs seem to not mind wearing them, either!





It’s really easy to reverse the bandannas so the other side shows. You don’t even have to slide out the collars from the channel. Simply twist the collar in the channel until it’s facing the other way, clip it over the dog’s neck and there you have it!

2 thoughts on “Dog Slip Over Collar Bandannas

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I’m going to whip up some more traditional bandannas, for the Refuge dogs when the weather gets too warm for scarfs and jackets…too good a photo opportunity to miss! Might even make sone floral headbands for them.

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