Projects galore…

Now that I’ve got several hours on my new sewing machine practice under my belt, it’s time to crack on with some projects I’ve been itching to do for a while. I didn’t have the time then, but I have all the time in the world now.

The projects I have in mind are dog leads, collars and other accessories, but with a difference. I intend to make them more utilitarian and functional. And where possible, I will repurpose old dog leads and harnesses, that I can purchase from the Refuge where I’m a Volunteer. There’s so much hardware that can be salvaged from old collars, leads and harnesses that have been consigned to the bargain bin just because some parts are frayed, cracked, rusted or broken.

Just the other day I hit the jackpot with a purchase of 4 items from the bargain bin : 2 Easy Walk harnesses, 1 coupler lead (for walking 2 dogs together) and 1 rather odd-looking contraption by Sporn that I had to Google Search to find out that it’s a head halter. They cost AU$5 each, but the amount of hardware on them made them priceless.

I’m keeping back 1 Easy Walk harness and the coupler lead for future projects, or to use them on Shelagh or Scruffy, but these 2 others are due for the chop soon:


PetLife Easy Walk harness. Webbing is frayed in parts. Look at the hardware on it! 3 triglide slides, 2 “O” rings, 1 “D” ring, 2 rectangular rings, 2 sets of side release clips. Wowzer!


This is the odd Sporn head halter. I tried it on Shelagh, but she looked so miserable I took it off immediately. Has a host of metal hardware on it that I can cannibalise, my favourite though is the metal side release clip.

Some photos showing just a few of the ideas I want to try (and some handy tips and a reminder to myself of the hardware needed for my projects):






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