What’s in a name?

Hammer. Bullet. Bonsai.

They’re 3 dogs at the Refuge that I walked or played with today. They just so happened to be named after things.

Here are some photos of them.

Oops…only joking 😉😄😊. Hey, it’s my birthday today, I’m entitled to have some fun, right! 

Here are the real photos of the doggies!

Hammer is an older gent. 8 years old. A gentle boy, easy on the lead. The lead in the photo is one I made last night, for my own birthday today. It’s a 4-in-1 lead, which I’ll write about later.

Bullet is also an older gent like Hammer. He even looks a bit like Hammer. Bullet’s a bit obsessed with running up and down the fence looking for dogs on the other side. But I managed to get his full attention for 5 minutes and proved that you Can teach an old dog new tricks. Bullet learnt to run up and down the ramp in the agility yard, and a couple of times he even ran up it of his own accord. There’s life yet in the old boy!

Bonsai. What a sweet, smiley face, what a gorgeous, friendly boy! He’s a Staffy x Corgi, his head is big, like a Staffy’s, but his body is long and low with short legs, like a Corgi. Such an affectionate boy. Wish I could take him home for myself!

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